Galaxy Note 4 vs S5: Which One Is Going to Rule the Mobile Market?

Samsung Electronics came into the lime light in the last decade of the 20th century and since then there has been no turning back. The flair with which this South Korean brand has continued to compete with its dominant equivalents is certainly praiseworthy and its range of smartphones has infiltrated into the global mobile market in a way that is unprecedented in history.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs S5

At present, we are witnessing a new phenomenon where Samsung flagship smartphones in different styles have become each other’s competitor. Here is a comparison between the specifications of Samsung’s two flagship smartphones of 2014 i.e. Note 4 vs S5


S5 is Samsung’s Galaxy series flagship smartphone sporting a 5.1” HD display with 1080 x 1902 pixels. Whereas Galaxy Note 4 is the flagship phone in the phablet style which is definitely going to come with bigger screen size, preferably more than 5.7 inch display, as Note 3 had this particular specification. There are also rumours that Note 4 will come with up to 4k auto adjustable display. So the question remains that which style do you have a fetish for? – Normal Smartphone or Phablet and that will help you to make the right choice.

Galaxy Note 4 vs S5


An advanced processor plays a critical role in smoother functioning of a gadget, so let us take a sneak peek on this particular aspect. Galaxy S5 is powered by Snapdragon 800 quad core processor which is clocked at the 2.5GHz speed, thus ensuring that this smartphone is going to respond to your instruction in a fraction of second.

On the contrary, Galaxy Note 4 will be integrated with True Octa – core processor Exynos 64 bit chipset or 16 core Exynos 64 bit processor with 4GB RAM support. Samsung has been planning to integrate a 64 bit chipset in its range from a long time and in all probabilities Note 4 will be the first phone to have this feature. An eight core or sixteen core processor ensures superfast delivery and uninterrupted multiple tasking. Therefore, this phablet will be ideal for the rampant users who remain glued to their phone all round the clock.

Note 4 vs S5: Operating System

Both these phones are integrated with Android’s latest edition i.e. KitKat 4.4.2 and thus there will be hardly any difference in the basic functioning of these two phones. So in this round of the Note 4 vs S5 war, each one of them has scored equal points.


After Samsung S5 was launched in MWC 2014, rumour about it incorporating advanced TouchWiz software has been dumped. Nonetheless, some novel features were added on to it like ‘Ultra Power Saving Mode’ which helps in conserving the battery life of the phone and a heart rate sensor. The best part is instead of including all these features the basic functioning of S5 remained absolutely simple.

Note 4 vs S5

However, we might get to see upgraded TouchWiz software in Galaxy Note 4. The improvised TouchWiz will come with new short cuts, the S pens function will become more innovative and there will be some changes in the functioning of the user interface as well. But we will pray that despite the software upgrade or addition, the basic operations remain simple and easily adaptable. There are also rumours about Note 4 to come with handwriting recognition capability i.e. the users can use their S pen stylus to write a code or sign and as soon as the software recognizes the handwriting, the phone will be unlocked. If TouchWiz is upgraded, then in this round of Note4 vs S5, the former is going to score more.




Galaxy S5 has 16 megapixel rear camera and 2 megapixel secondary camera, thus ensuring outstanding picture quality. One of the additional tweaks brought about in S5 is the super sensitive auto focus, which is going to make it easier for the users to capture awesome photographs.


Galaxy S5 didn’t come with an image stabilizing capability, but only with video and photo stabilization ability. This feature was not included in the phone as it was not ready for integration. However, we are quite sure that the module will be ready by the time Galaxy Note 4 will be launched in this year.

Note 4 vs S5: Conclusion

As far as the appearance of these two gadgets is concerned, both of them appear absolutely chic. While S5 comes with perforated plastic cover, the Note 4’s body is rumoured to come with a diamond dipped alloy called ‘Dymalloy’. However, it might not be true as it will directly impact the price of the phone.

We have shared a detailed comparison, in which Note 4 turns out to be a clear-cut winner owing to its advanced features. Stay tuned for more updates on Note 4 vs S5 comparison and we will be waiting for your shout outs.

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