Galaxy Note 4 Specs

Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Is a Piece of Wonder 

Have you heard about the upcoming Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4? Well this device is worth waiting for! You are about to get the most amazing phablet, with specifications that are even better than those of Galaxy Note 3. It is said that this giant device will feature the following:

Galaxy Note 4

Wireless Charging

As a consumer, you may have yearned for a device that has wireless charging. Well, Galaxy Note 4 is manufactured to take into account such a demand in the market. Nokia’s and LG Smartphone have tried this; so it’s not new in the phone market. However, there are limitations as to how far you can be while charging your Smartphone with the existing devices. The distance has to be short and you have to use charging pads. Samsung will be using the magnetic resonance technology that enables you to charge your device from a long range. Further, you will actually not need a charging pad.

Amazing Camera Specifications

Were you thrilled about the Galaxy Note 3’s Camera? Or probably you thought you did not need another camera since you already have your digital camera? Well, things will get better with the amazing Galaxy Note 4. The camera in this phablet will be eight times brighter than what you were treated to with the galaxy note 3. There is also an anti shake feature that allows you to take your images in rather dark spaces. While your digital camera can only fix errors up to 0.70, this device will be made in such a way that it can fix errors up to 1.50.   Galaxy Note 4  

Android Kit Kat Operating System

  You can be sure that Samsung is willing to improve the operating system from what we have already seen in the Galaxy Note 3. The Android Kit Kat will be an absolute upgrade in the upcoming phablet, with performance getting even better. Still, you will get personalized themes and better icons if you buy this device.

Better Memory

I am sure you would wish to have a device that has a better memory than the existing devices in the market today. Samsung promises to give you this with the upcoming Galaxy Note 4. They will release a device that will feature a 64 G expandable memory. The internal memory will be about 4 GB

Improved Display

Samsung is always ready to improve on its specifications, which makes it easy to believe that it will feature a 5.9 HD display; the last phablet had a 5.7 display.

Better Battorage

With devices that have as great specifications as those of Galaxy Note 4, there is always one disappointing factor- battery storage. Samsung is taken into consideration this and as such, it will release a device with 3300-3500 mAh battery.

You can be certain that Samsung will not disappoint as far as the release of the next phablet is concerned. We have known that there is always something new and better with each Samsung’s note that goes into the market. The release date is expected to be announced next year, most likely during the month of July.

Update 16 May 2014 : More Add-ons In Galaxy Note 4

Being a phablet style smartphone Galaxy Note 4 is expected to come with a bigger display than its predecessor Note 3. A bigger display is definitely expected with a better screen resolution so as to ensure picture clarity. The 5.7 inch QHD AMOLED display of Note 4 is expected to come with 2560 x 1440 screen resolution along with 571ppi pixel density. Samsung has been trying to perfect the technology for 2560 x 1440 screen resolution from a long time and at last the formula was cracked by a Taiwanese company named AU Optronics. Therefore, we are pretty sure that Samsung is going to acquire this high resolution display from AUO as it perfectly suits its big display.

And there might be more surprises when ultimately Note 4 will be released this year. Lately, an eminent Samsung official has commented that last year Samsung has showcased Youm display and now it’s time for using it. Galaxy Note 4 being the next flagship gadget there are high chances of it having Youm display whereby the display will be stretched on two sides of the phone. Moreover, there are also chances of Note 4 coming with a curved or flexible display form factor.

Note 4 is due for release in the last quarter of the 2014 and by that time if the next version of the Android platform i.e. Android 4.5 Lollipop is released, then obviously Note 4 will be powered by Android 4.5. Earlier we have said that Galaxy Note 4 will be powered by Android 4.4 Kitkat, so just in case Lollipop does not make its way till the time Note 4 is released, then we are surely going to see Kitkat in Note 4 along with an option to upgrade to Lollipop when it gets released.

That’s all we have to share with our readers right now. Stay tuned for Galaxy Note 4 news on our Facebook, Twitter & Google+ Pages!!

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Reasons Why Galaxy Note 4 is a piece of wonder: Specification
Have you heard about the upcoming Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4? Well this device is worth waiting for! You are about to get the most amazing phablet..

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