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Every week the number of rumors regarding the Galaxy Note 4 is increasing and the final shape of our flagship is still months away. In the month of Feb, as per the latest reveals Samsung might show the Galaxy S5 flagship and later on in the month of later July 2014, we might see Galaxy Note 4.

Every day we are getting thousands of readers from all over the globe and few of them are telling their expectations and need. Here we have created a separate section / post and below you can comment and tell what’s your expectations and need that should be fulfilled by our flagship Galaxy Note 4.

Galaxy Note 4 rumors

Till now we have created this list as per the expectations of our readers and present Galaxy Note 4 rumors:

  • 5.9 inches native 2K resolution Super AMOLED display (however, leaks shows LCD display instead of Super AMOLED, but expectations are still in favor of Super AMOLED
  • 16-core big.LITTLE or true 8-core processor clocked at 2.5 to 3 GHz
  • 4GB RAM
  • Internal storage variants – 16GB, 32GB, 64GB & 128GB
  • Battery 3700 to 4000 mAh
  • 21MP ISOCELL primary sensor and front full HD sensor
  • New TouchWiz interface and better scope for S-PEN. In short, new interaction and interface
  • Better sound through stereo speakers
  • All new design – the alloy body at least (there is very less possibility for diamond coated alloy)
  • No buttons in the front panel. Glass touch expected!
  • Slim & light profile
  • Waterproof, dust-proof and shockproof

Galaxy Note 4 Rumors

This was all about the present Galaxy Note 4 rumors & expectations. Now, you can tell what else you want? Other readers are waiting to know your view, cheers! Don’t forget to subscribe, like us on TwitterFacebook and G+.

3 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 4 Rumor Mill – Everything here!

  1. I hope Samsung does not do away with the front button. I also hope they don’t make it thinner or lighter. I think the lightweight phones feel cheap. Also I think the very thin ones are harder to hold on to. This is just my opinion. I am not downing anyone for wanting a thin light phone. I am simply saying I don’t. I will buy a different brand if these get to feeling cheap made like I think the new iPhones are.

  2. Definitely need 2 speakers for stereo and loudness. I”d like a flexible screen just for shock-proofing. Wonder how flex screen will work with stylus? Samsung needs a way to quick release the stylus if they plan to use it on lock screen. Width and lightness about at maximum for me ( I own a Note 3 ). Not concerned with the look very much as most of us add some type of cover to personalize, even when phones become durable. Like to see a projection device add-on display and add-on or built-in keyboard projection. Wireless charging standard.

  3. I love the Note 3 and especially the LEATHER backing, hopefully there will be choices of LEATHER or metal with the Note 4.

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