Galaxy Note 4 Release Date

The Latest Updates about Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the buzz word in the consumer market today. Having seen the release of the Galaxy Note 3 and the amazing features, you can expect that Galaxy Note 4 will even be better. The specifications will be better, more than what you would expect from other competitors. In this light, there are speculations about the release date of the device. We are certain that the device will be release next year, and most likely half way into the year.

Galaxy Note 4 release
When it comes to a release of amazing devices, the consumers are fed with rumors about the specifications, the price and the release date. Some of these updates may be true, or at least near the truth. The Galaxy Note 4 is rumored to be released on September 2014. This update seems near the truth considering some of the already known facts. You can expect that Samsung will announce the release date first; then probably launch the device towards the end of September. Also, we can predict with some level of certainty that the product will be first released to the Indian, UK and US market before it is released to other areas.- Samsung always does this every time they release a new note into the market.

Why the consumer can’t wait for release date

Having known about the specifications of the Galaxy Note 4, you will understand why the consumer is buzzing about the release date. Firstly, the phablets camera will be brighter that what you already had in Note 3. It is expected that the camera will be eight times brighter, and will have an ‘anti-shake’ feature. This means that you can take images even in the not so well lit rooms. While using the device, you will get the impression that you have taken the images from a tripod. Further, Samsung is working hard to include a Magnetic Resonance Technology in the Galaxy Note 4. You will therefore have the pleasure to charge your device without necessarily getting into contact with the source of power.

Galaxy Note 4 Release

Samsung’s technology is expected to reach its peak with a device such as Galaxy Note 4 that features 64 bit processor and a 4GB RAM. Further, the latest reports indicate that the device will have a 5.9 inch full HD display and a 64 storage capacity. It is therefore expected that a lot of modifications will be made before the release date to ensure that every feature is as perfect as you would expect. You should therefore get faster processing speed and a device that helps you multi-task. Clearly, every consumer would want such a device, and the next year’s release date may seem way too far.

Samsung Perfecting the Product before the Release Date

Considering the specifications in the galaxy note 4, you can understand why it may take time for the release date to be announced. Samsung, just like many other competitors, have made serious mistakes in the market in the past. The devices sometimes are released without taking into account the consumer’s expectations. Therefore, the time taken before the actual release date of Galaxy Note 4 is confirmed in the market is every essential; at least to ensure that improvements are made.


Galaxy Note 4 Release date: September, 2014 has a Lot of Prospect!!

  A report published in The Korean Times suggests that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is going to be launched in IFA 2014 which will be hosted in Berlin, Germany. This claim has much truth in it because of two reasons. Firstly, all the Note series phone of Samsung has been released in IFA show and therefore, chances of Samsung keeping up with this tradition are quite obvious. Secondly, in the same report it was also stated that insiders have tipped them that Samsung has perfected and ready with all the advanced technologies that they are going to use in their next generation phone, hence a launch date in IFA 2014 seems to be quite palpable.

Moreover, September 2014 is expected to be quite eventful as all the flagship smartphones and phablets by ace mobile manufacturers are expected to be on the loose during this time. Consumers all around the world have been hearing about these gadgets for almost a year and it is understandable that the enthusiasts are pretty excited as well. Consequently, whichever of these gadgets hits the global market first is definitely going to have an added advantage. We are sure that Samsung’s marketing team has considered this fact while deciding on the launching date of this gadget and that’s one of the reasons for choosing IFA 2014 as the venue for launching Galaxy Note 4.

IFA 2014 is going to be held in the first week of September. Hence, the platform along with the timing will be ideal for Note 4’s official launching and thereafter it can start rolling out its gadget all over the world. If Note 4 makes it to the market before its competitors, then understandably it is going to have an edge over its competitors. It’s cutting edge features are definitely going woo the potential buyers and there it’s going to have an advantage over its competitors as they are yet to release their products.

All and said and done we cannot deny the fact that we are yet to receive official confirmation from the manufacturers themselves and until then the possibility of some alterations still remains there. Nevertheless, if we think rationally then there are high chances of Note 4 making its way to the market in the aforesaid date. Stay in touch for more updates!!

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The Latest Updates about Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date would be scheduled for 05 Sept. 2014, how true it is? Let's find.

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  1. Saya sejak 6 bulan lalu ingin memiliki Note 4. Saya telah miliki Note 3. Namun ingin lebih bagus lagi. Saya sudah tudak sabar lagi.

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