Galaxy Note 4 All Possibilities & Rumors

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was released in September 2013, which is one of the most powerful Android device that Samsung ever launched and along with it, the Samsung Galaxy Gear wearable smart device was introduced to the world. The sales of Note 3 are going really impressive and they have already set the new records. And now here comes the shadow of big brother of the Galaxy Note family, the Galaxy Note 4 phablet.

The next Samsung Note would be released in 2014 August or September. The famous Galaxy Note Series started in 2011 and that time, there was no competitor in the market for this range of the device but other manufacturers like LG joined the war quickly. And now, in the phablet market Sony, HTC and Nokia are gaining interest. However, the king is Samsung only. Galaxy Note 3 is the star phablet of the 2013 market but on other hand, HTC One Max and Sony Xperia Z Ultra are not far in the race, there are also powered with similar hardware but Note 3 is better among these all and performed better in benchmark tests as well. But the present sales results shows, no one can compete the Note 3 phablet and history will repeat with Galaxy Note 4 is still a question?

Galaxy Note 4

No doubt, the journey of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 would carry few speed breakers and it implies with every device of the market. But the future Samsung Galaxy phablet seems to be promising. The imagination for the next Galaxy Note is already started and with the intervals of time, Samsung keep on revealing the hardware and specifications that would be powering next generation Samsung android devices and on the top of the list, Samsung Note 4 and Galaxy S5 would be the star devices of 2014.

Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note IV would take the generation of smartphones to the next level but how it would happen? The answer is hidden in the research and development unit of Samsung. Since 2012 Jan, Samsung has revealed few of the power parts for the smartphone that includes, true octa-core processor chipset, flexible display, curved YOUM displays, 128GB on-board storage memory and 2K resolution display panels. But our concern is, when we will see all of these specifications in a smartphone?

You are thinking right, in 2014 Samsung will welcome its new Galaxy S family memory, the Galaxy S5 with true Octa-core processor and the performance level would be massive if there would be 64-bit architecture. After the launch of iPhone 5S with 64-bit processor chipset, other manufacturers are running to achieve this standard in their respective smartphones and Samsung has commented similar for its future upcoming Android devices included Galaxy Note 2014 phablet and Galaxy S5. To be specific about next Galaxy phablet, lots of things are already known and the true shape could be imagined with the possibilities of 2014 and past exposure of Samsung. And here we have collected and listed the important things that you can find interesting.

Galaxy Note 4


Galaxy Note 4 release date possibilities

A month is just completed since the launch of Galaxy Note 3 and here we are talking about Note 4 release date, we know it doesn’t make sense to talk about it, presently. But the previous records shows, Samsung launch one Galaxy Note phablet / smartphone once in a year.

• N7000 Galaxy Note release date – 2011, September
• N7100 Galaxy Note 2 release date – 2012, August
• Galaxy Note 3 release date – 2013, September
• Galaxy Note 4 release date – 2014, August / September?

If we just observe the records then simply the month of August and September come in front as Galaxy Note 4 release date. But the present records of Samsung are flexible enough to think one more time, guessing the release month of Note 4. Samsung is launching one Galaxy S smartphone every year. In 2013 March, Samsung released Galaxy S4 and accordingly, it should launch Galaxy S5 smartphone in 2014, March. Earlier, the rumor release date was 2014 March only, but recently Samsung commented that they are launching Galaxy S5 in January and the reason behind it of course, competition pressure and sharp decline in the growing sales of S4. So, you can’t simply guess, August or Sep 2014, Samsung would launch Note 3. As discussed above, few competitors HTC One Max and Xperia Z Ultra are not behind in the race to Galaxy Note 3.

In short we want to tell you, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date could be the Second quarter of 2014.

Galaxy Note 4 price range

Presently, Galaxy Note 3 price is around $730 in most of the countries and if smartphone or phablet reached to the $750 barrier price then it is consider pretty costly device and same thing is happening with Note 3. No doubt, within couple of months a good drop will come to the Note 3 price but our concern is what would be Galaxy Note 4 price? The answer is simple, at the time of Note 4 launch, there would be no device of Samsung which would belong to $750 price range, and accordingly, Note 4 will come in action with its price range of $750 max. And if Samsung will give more price tag then everyone has to think, what the special things of the device are and is it really worth.

Yes, price is still one of the main concerns while buying high end smart device. According to the past study of Samsung price range for Android devices, The Samsung Note 4 price would not cross $800 barrier.

Galaxy Note 4 Specs and Features

Galaxy Note 4 images

• True Octa-core processor on Exynos 64-bit chipset or big.LITTLE 16-core Exynos 64-bit chipset
• 5.7 inches, true 2K resolution (2160p) display, (wouldn’t be 3D or flexible), don’t consider the rumors of flexible display and 3D display. However, curved edges display could be the part of this device but Samsung will avoid this in Note series because Samsung will launch separate series Galaxy F for such devices as per the rumors.
• 4GB RAM – Confirmed. Yes, for sure in 2014 mid, the RAM standard in smartphone would reach to 4GB level. Already, Note 3 took this standard to 3GB RAM.
• 128GB on board storage memory is not so far. Samsung has already shown such prototypes of memory modules in 2012 and now the time has come to show the real spark to the world. Next Samsung Note phablet could debut with 128GB on board storage version.
• 21MP ISOCELL rear facing sensor
• 3600 to 3800 mAh battery
• 4G and Dual channel Wi-Fi capabilities

Update: 12/03/2013 – OIS Camera 20.7 MP

As per the recent rumors, our next generation Note would have 20.7MP camera sensor. We have also reported in the past there would be 21MP OIS sensor in Note 4 but other sources on web also confirming presence of such sensor.

Update: 12/12/2013 – Note 4 will have PLS LCD display?

Samsung internal news has confirmed that they are going to opt PLS LCD display. At present, similar type of display is used in Note 10.1 and Nexus 10. And now, Samsung is turning to these display to cut the cost by 20%. Yes, younger brother Galaxy S5 would also be launched with similar display. Another interesting rumors states that, Samsung has started testing the fingerprint sensor with its smartphone and S5, Note 4 would be first to have. Let’s see…

Update 01/08/14 – 3 Sided display a myth?

In the past few weeks, we came to know many rumors. Specifically, the internal news of Samsung confirms the manufacturing of 3-sided display, which would be all new concept in the field of smartphones. Already, Samsung has shown such display in past but now they can come in existence & practice. Regarding the display, earlier there were rumors, LCD display instead of Super AMOLED display, because Samsung wants to cut the cost. The new concept of 3-sided display is really interesting but as per the few analysts’ view, Samsung will not experiment such display with top selling series, they might launch separate series. You must know, at the time of Galaxy Note 3 launch the rumors were saying, we will see curved display smartphone but we only have traditional display Note 3, however in terms of technology the display of Note 3 is advanced. 2K Ultra HD display for Samsung Note 4 makes sense, if Samsung wants to experiment 3-sided display then we will see another series or region specific smartphone. And similar happen in the case of Note 3, the curved display version of Note 3 is Galaxy Round which region specific smartphone, no global version exists. When it is about profits, Samsung will take the minimal risk. Galaxy Note 4 images & concept

Update 01/10/14 

Recently, a rumor regarding the Galaxy Note 4 is spreading like fire that Samsung may use diamond-dipped alloy for manufacturing the Galaxy Note 4 body and it will provide the maximum strength to the phone as well. But it doesn’t make sense to use diamond alloy “Dymalloy” to use in a smartphone, it will directly affect the cost. On one hand, Samsung looks to reduce the cost of the device by using LCD display instead AMOLED then why they will opt such costlier alloy. But simple metal alloy could be used to make the built of Samsung Note 4. The myths would only be myths, imagine your phone with the possible and sensible specifications. Cheers!

Update 01/18/14 – new touch wiz, more scope for S-Pen

Note 4 The excitement of next Galaxy Note 4 is increasing with every new leak. Here comes a new leak stating that the touch wiz of next Galaxy Note 2014 would be completely different, will bring new shortcuts, new gestures, new s-pen functions, in short the interface and its design would be all new. You would not only see a different smart machine in your hand but also it would be virtually different from inside. The next Galaxy Note release date is still in dilemma but few sources are confirming Note 4 would be released in IFA 2014 as Note 3 released in IFA 2013, but it would be too late for the fans. Early rumor regarding the Note 4 release date in later second quarter makes sense, if we are expecting device to appear earlier. And younger brother of original Note 3 i.e. Galaxy Note 3 Neo would appear in Feb 2014, which is actually the cheaper and lite specs Note 3 but still looks promising and 8-core processor sounds massive for it.

Update 01/30/2014 – The all new 4K resolution SUPER AMOLED, ready to shine…

Hold your heart, this rumor is one of the most interesting leaks over the time. Yes, Samsung might go with 4K-resolution display in Galaxy Note 4 and it will set the world record in terms of pixel density. Next Galaxy Note may debut with 4K-resolution display.

Earlier there were rumors, we will see 2K-resolution display and now rumor set it to 4K. At present, we can’t confirm what would be exact resolution of display but as earlier said, next Note would carry LCD display but the 4K display would be Super AMOLED, so it’s a good news for those criticizing LCD display in next Galaxy Note flagship. Cheers!

Update  02/06/2014 – Auto adjustable resolution 4K display and 2K resolution native Touch-Wiz next version!

Here comes an interesting rumor, that the 4K resolution display of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 would be programmed such that it could adjust it’s resolution automatically ranging upto 4K resolution. It will directly impact the battery life. Earlier, after the news of 4K display, people were criticizing because of battery issues but here comes the solution. Auto Adjustable resolution as per the content feed. Also, its worth noticing that touch-wiz next version will support the native resolution of 2K.

Update 02/22/2014 – Galaxy Note 4 with waterproof and dustproof characteristics (sources confirming)

Again we have an interesting news regarding our flagship of 2014, that Samsung will not launch a separate version of Note 4 with waterproof and dustproof characteristics. The good news states that, Samsung will launch one global version of Galaxy Note 4 with waterproof and dustproof characteristics. And if we talk about the other rumors regarding the display of 4K resolution or flexible display then we have no confirmation, all these leaks are still in dilemma.

Update 03/04/2014 – Galaxy Note with Handwriting recognition

As per a latest patent filing with the United States Patent & Trademark Office, one of the most hyped Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will feature advanced handwriting recognition feature. According to this filing, you can use your handwriting to unlock device, rather than iris or fingerprint scan. For doing that, it will feature S Pen stylus! Unlike ordinary stylus, it will unlock more new capabilities for your Note 4 device. Though Galaxy Note 2 and Note 3 already have this feature, it is going to expand to let the users to provide commands by writing on the lock screen. However, you will have to get your handwriting registered for doing that.

Galaxy Note 4 Concept

Update 03/06/2014 – Galaxy Note 4 likely to have OIS (Optical Image Stabilization)

Although the recently released Galaxy S5 has no optical image stabilization by default like in Google Nexus 5, how ever it has picture stabilization and video stabilization modes. Because of having some issues with components in order to design camera with OIS, Samsung has postponed the module to be done when they have to launch Galaxy Note 4. Now you can get the device which features both Video Stabilization and Optical Image alike.

Update 03/18/2014 - 20nm 4GB DDR3 DRAM will bring blazing fast speed to Galaxy Note 4

Recently, Samsung has unveiled the 20nm DDR3 DRAM and announced that it is ready for production in mass scale. This hardware’s design is based on a cutting-edge technology which ensures operations to be steered at a blazing fast speed and thus guaranteeing the gadgets, in which it will be integrated, to respond with almost lightning speed. Galaxy Note 4 being the high end flagship smartphone of Samsung queued up for 2014, we are sure that the advanced 20nm DDR3 DRAM will be integrated in it as presence of such advanced features will give this gadget an edge over its competitors.

Update 04/06/2014 - Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Might Be Powered by Android 4.5 Lollipop

All the flagship smartphones of 2014 are expected to be run on Android 4.4 KitKat, the newest member in the Android family. However, there are chances that Galaxy Note 4, the flagship phablet style phone is going to be powered by the next version of Android platform i.e. Android 4.5 Lollipop. Since Note 4 will be released in the last quarter of 2014, we cannot rule out this possibility altogether.

Update 04/14/2014 QHD AMOLED Display?

Galaxy Note 4 QHD AMOLED DisplayRumours about Samsung’s next generation flagship smartphones and phablets featuring QHD display is in the air for quite a long time, thus suggesting that Samsung developers were working hard to develop this technology.

However, a Taiwanese concern named AU Optronics has nailed down the technology for developing QHD display before Samsung. AUO has come up with a 5.7 inch display screen with 2560 x 1440 screen resolution, the most advanced display in terms of screen resolution. And wait there is more to it: this display is only 0.57mm thick and has pixel density of 571ppi.

Therefore, AOU has set a benchmark with the release of this display and now it is surely going to attract global client i.e. mobile manufacturers including Samsung.

Most importantly, now we can definitely expect Galaxy Note 4 to have a QHD display as the technology is all set to roll out and there is still time left for the release of Note 4 which is due for release in IFA 2014 in Berlin.

Update 04/22/2014 Youm Display rumours 

Rumour has it that Galaxy Note 4, Samsung’s next phablet promises to provide you with the ultimate screen experience with its Youm display. It will be the first smartphone to be packed with flexible OLED Youm display i.e. the display will be extended on the two sides of the phone and thus it will be possible to check notifications from the side of the phone like email alerts, messages, Facebook or Whatsapp messages without activating the phone. In 2013 we have already seen Samsung showcasing the concept of Youm display and now it’s time to actual see it getting implemented in its next generation gadget. What do you guys say?

Update 04/28/2014 New Form Factor for Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 4 with a New Form FactorSamsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is surely going to sport a new form factor as Yoon Han-kil, Senior VP of Samsung’s Product Strategy team has stated this fact in a meeting with Reuters. He stated that studies reveal that Chinese smartphone manufacturers have created a niche for themselves in the global market and they are constantly increasing their stronghold. He also stated that they are worried about the declining high-end market and thus will bring about innovative changes in its product line to be in the limelight. Thereafter, he revealed that Galaxy Note 4 is going to come with a new form factor, in keeping with the above mentioned promise. However, he didn’t mention whether it will sport a flexible or curved form factor. Samsung already has patent over plenty of cutting edge form factors, let’s wait and watch which one of these Galaxy Note 4 is going to sport.

Update: 25-05-2014 Range of Cool Software Updates in Galaxy Note 4

Samsung’s Galaxy Note series phone have always boasted about its cool software features and the next flagship i.e. Galaxy Note 4 is no exception to that. Lately, a tipster has revealed that there are chances of four awesome software updates in Note 4, namely:
Aqua Capture’ for capturing underwater pictures and thereby assuring Note 4 will come with water resistant capacity than its contemporaries;
Smart Fingerprint’ which is expected to add on to the functions of fingerprint recognition feature;
Motion Launcher’ whereby the phablet can be activated by swiping fingers on the screen even when the display is off;
Multi Network for Booster’ whereby both WiFi and data connection can be used simultaneously to download large files swiftly.

Rumour has it that these software updates are presently been tested in Galaxy S5 and once the R&D is complete it will be integrated in Note 4. Nonetheless, since Note 4 is not expected to arrive before three months from now, there might be some alterations in the software updates.

Update: 01-07-2014 By July 2014, Galaxy Note 4 Will Be Ready for Mass Production

Many speculations have been made about the features of Note 4 for almost a year now and presently the focus of discussion has shifted on its release date. The latest update on the release date of this phablet is that Samsung has perfected the technology of Note 4 and it will initiate mass production of this gadget from the month of July. We are expecting Note 4 to launch in pre IFA 2014 event. IFA 2014 is scheduled from 5th to 10th September, therefore if Samsung organizes a pre IFA event it should be ideally on 3rd or 4th September. Therefore, mass production of the gadget should start by July, 2014 so that 3 to 4 million gadgets are ready for circulation in the market by September. September, 2014 will also witness the release of iPhone 6 another flagship gadgets from Apple. So Samsung will try to release Note 4 at the earliest so that it can lure more clients towards it.

Update: 05-07-2014 12 MP OIS Camera Might Be a Feature of Galaxy Note 4

OIS or Optical Image Stabilization is a one of the most demanding features of smartphones. However, there are only a few smartphone brands that could integrate this technology in their flagship phones. Though there are always rumours about Samsung incorporating this feature in their next flagship phones, but it have never turned out to be a reality. There have some issues because of which Samsung had to postpone its plan. But recent reports suggest that Galaxy Note 4 which is about to hit the market in a few more months will have a 12 MP OIS camera and 3.7 MP front facing camera. This news report was published in the Korean media and they went on to suggest that Samsung has already set up the factory where this 12MP OIS camera unit will be produced and the sensors will be manufactured in the Samsung’s Tianjin factory.

Update: 11-07-2014 Samsung Planning to Launch Gear3 Along With Galaxy Note 4 and In the Same Shades As Galaxy S5

Last year we have seen Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear, Samsung’s first ever smartwatch getting launched at IFA, 2013 together. Thereafter, other watch like Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit has made its way into the market. So we started doubting whether we are going to see a similar launch of two gadgets in IFA 2014 or not. But news report from a latest Korean media states that Samsung has loads in store for us in the genre of smartwatches and this year we are again going to witness the launch of two products i.e. Note 4 and Gear 3 on the same day at the pre IFA 2014 launch event. Previously we were speculating that Samsung’s Gear Glass will be released along with Note 4, but at this moment it is very difficult to make a perfect conjecture as Samsung has not made any official declaration yet. Moreover, rumour has it that Galaxy Note 4 will be available in the same shades as that of Galaxy S5 i.e. electric blue, charcoal black, copper gold and shimmery white.

Update: 24-07-2014 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Rumored To Come With A Host of Software Updates

Latest leaks in the blogosphere suggest that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is going to come with multitude of software updates.  Recently, we came across an Android application package which listed the name of the software that will be present on Galaxy Note 4. After reviewing this list we came across some new software like SStudio app, VRSVC etc. However, it is very difficult of gauge the purpose behind the use of this app. However, we came across some apps like ‘OutOfFocusViewer’, ‘SmartSelfPhoto’, ‘PhotoStudio’ etc which would enhance the photography experience of the Note 4 as evident from the names of the software. A month back we have already heard Jeff Orr, the senior director of ABI Research saying the Note 4’s camera and the built in apps are going to work in conjunction to provide the users with a startling experience. We also found a file named colorblind in the Android application package. The colorblind feature is expected to arrive with the Android L mobile operating system, so we are not really sure whether this feature will be a part of Android L or Galaxy Note 4’s software update. !!

Update: 4-08-2014 Samsung Has Started Sending Out Invites for UNPACKED Scheduled On 3rd September

IFA 2014 invitation

At last, we have got to hear confirmed news about Samsung’s event UNPACKED. Samsung has started sending out official invites for the event which is going to start from 14.00 hours local time. We will keep updating about the latest happenings in the event on our website, so keep a check on our website for the latest updates.

Galaxy Note 4 is going to be the showstopper of this event and it is going to draw maximum attention. For the past few months the cyber space has been blasted with speculations about this phablet style phone. At last, it is going to be unveiled on 3rd September and we will get to know whether our predictions as well as expectations turn out to be true or not. So ladies and gentleman, hold your breath and mark out this date on your calendar, we are quite sure that Galaxy Note 4 is going to sweep you off your feet with its cool features and stunning looks.

Update: 11-08-2014 Latest Leaked Image of Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 4 Leaked Images

Galaxy Note 4, Samsung’s premium flagship phablet is about to hit the global market and reporters are still speculating about its features and design. The latest leaked images of Note 4 were published in GSMArena where it appeared in a metallic frame. Check out the details here

Update: 23-08-2014 Galaxy Note 4’s Camera Specification Leaked

Galaxy Note 4Lately, we saw a comprehensive update about Galaxy Note’s camera on SamMobile. Samsung’s next generation phablet style phone will be integrated with 16MP Sony IMX240 camera with OIS capability and 4k UHD video recording capability at 30fps. It will also come with 3.7MP secondary camera that will capture images and videos of WQHD quality. The secondary camera of Note 4 has been improved as Note 3 was integrated with 2.1MP camera. A new feature of camera of Note 4 will be Side Touch and gesture method to activate Note 4’s camera. On the right side of Note 4 a sensor will be present and by touching it the camera can be activated. Some new photo capturing modes have been also included like different kinds of selfies along with option to create GIF file. Thumbs up to Note 4’s camera as it meets with our expectation.

At present, Samsung is offering 13MP utmost sensor in Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4 and in coming months we would see something better in Galaxy S5. We might see, 16MP sensor in S5 and later on, Samsung Note 4 with 20MP sensor would be roaring in the market. Already, Sony Xperia Z1 has such sensor rated at 20.7 MP and if we will expect something better than Sony’s sensor after few months from now, then we are not wrong to expect something better. Also, recently internal news of Samsung has confirmed that this new ISOCELL sensor has entered in the manufacturing phase. Let’s wait and watch for more action that would be brought by Samsung in 2014.

Galaxy NoteThe story regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date, specs, features, price and prototypes will not end here, there is long road to walk, and this was just our early view regarding the future Samsung devices. You are most welcome to share your views by commenting below this post, also you can subscribe to us for receiving all future & latest updates of Galaxy Note 4. Don’t forget to follow us on TwitterGoogle+ and like us on Facebook too, cheers.

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